Phil Noble FPV Drone Pilot

Hi! I'm Phil, I'm a FPV drone pilot and drone operator from the UK.

I have had the fortune of filming subjects in different landscapes and environments across Europe.

I have always had an interest in flight, this has lead me down many paths of flying various aircraft and becoming a member of the Royal Air Force whilst at University.

My current passion is FPV drone videography, which is a new dynamic way of getting close-up and cinematic aerial video footage.

Please feel free to send me an inquiry and I will do my best to satisfy your requests and expectations. 

About fpv


FPV drones come in many varieties, therefore covering many different filming needs.

These drones were initially built for racing. They are are fast and agile, reaching speeds of up to 150km/h. This means they will keep fast and dynamically moving subjects in frame over long distances.


Some FPV drones have propellor guards,  making them safe for filming within close range of people, in confined spaces or near delicate objects.

 "Cinelift" drones are heavy lift drones that carry professional camera systems. They recreate many of the same dynamic shots of racing drones whilst being able to capture the high quality footage up cloase and personal to a subject.

The small size, ruggedness and image quality of GoPro action cameras make them usually the best option image quality for sport, action and indoor videography  shoots.

A  live video from the drone's on board camera or cinema camera can shared with a director.